Hi Maria,

Glad ya like the edited FDA response revisions—takes two, so to speak, to bring such a seriously beautiful thing back, from the land of the dead, into this world. Right back at you Maria: “Thank you sooooo much for doing this wondrous thing again with me,” 💃 😎.

You well know that Konrad Ventana here is a bit of a “Traveler in the Mist,” a scholar capable of cavorting with the mystical forces of nature and bio-physics etc in a catalytic manner—in our obstinate times of cultural transition from the Dark Ages of Medical Chemotherapy (with its dubious intrigues) to the refinements and the precision of Tumor-targeted NextGenMeds. You know that Konrad Ventana sees and lives and bleeds arterial blood in a primal world of passion to extend the brinks of heaven and eternity. As you and I have stood together on holy mission, in our allotted times, we have tripped the light fantastic above the rooftops for all the world to see: Together we have found and formulated and seen and shown how Rexin-G hunts down cancers off-road, guns down Outlaw Tumor cells as bad actors, and restores tissues/people in extremis to normalcy (i.e., the blessings of remission) — like Jodi Foster said (with the wonder of cinema), they should have sent a poet! Poetic or not, you also know Konrad Ventana loves and lives and breathes in a mystical magical gnostic world of Angels personified and real as rain.

Here is a reminder (for those listening in), a breadcrumb of sage wisdom in these here perilous times: Be not forgetful of Hospitality; for by it some have entertained ANGELS unaware (Hebrews 13:2). Heaven only knows, M, what beatific forces of nature were (and obviously still are) at work in our relationship!?

Mystical days, these days of wonder — much like our beginnings — awesome nights, these panicked hurried writing nights; while the waking world slumbers, I find myself wide-eyed and tear-streaked, riding humongous waves of some kind of non- or nearly-non-verbal expressiveness in a primal yawp of clotted passions spilling forth onto many different pages ... Yep, M, it comes in waves, these misty days. Big waves and bigtime emo-splashes with physical aftershocks, followed by stone cold shivering clarity. I’m telling ya M, the novel in progress you know as Bonaventure Pointe, a California Romance is nearly writing itself now, deeper into manifold layers of postmodern culture, driving forces, hyper-realities…

And somehow, the big waves always leave me awash on the beach like some desperate songwriter we know... and I think of our beginnings... our fractured understandings... the meaning/meaninglessness of a nativity scene/calendar... our bottomless love which finds itself unhappy in indifference... and I wonder... and then I pray for the children, as I am now, all those children, all those precious sick and suffering little ones that are falling all around me/us again now, all around Wade, so to speak [free soloist/biochemist in A Desperado’s Daily Bread], and you’re here with me again, even as you read this, and then you know as I know that they are forever yours and my children, after all; for together as we are, as we have always been, faithful and forever joined in this Holy Mission, in the presence of Heaven & Eternity [always remember heaven itself, not human frailty, protects the dignity and sanctity of prophets and saints], as we have loved each other with such a passion that He  — the passionate father in me — would give you, and only you, your greatest heart’s desire... recall your own beatific words spoken once again, and recently with such emotive (Emo) eloquence: “to give them more life... and a better quality of life.” Yes, yes indeed, my darling Maria, somehow together and against all odds and earthly principalities, we managed to do just that!!

And, because you have it (life-saving meds and creds) again, and this time public-ally and forever, I can only be additionally Thankful to God, that he made me the one and only hombre capable, if only for a moment and only in your beautiful eyes, capable of actually doing such a wild and passionate and generous thing all over again ... thank you again my darling M, together in heaven yet again. 💃 😎.


Note the Bioengineer’s Notebook at CCHMC.
A brief shining moment when stars align.

COMING SOON: Future Prospects & Compelling New Projects:

  1. Here is a working title for our soon-to-be published FDA/Covenant-Restored Bioengineering Report: (Gordon and Hall, 2019/2020, currently in preparation).

    Written together, as always; this completes our third Bio-Medical Scroll (high minded language) written specially for intelligent layman readers, non-specialist physicians, and actual cancer patients in the glorious era of Informed Consent, fortified by an indelible enforceable Right-to-Try Act, and thus the legal right in the USA to be fully informed about what actually works!! (including DeltaRex-G).

    Title: Our Journey Beyond Sunset Boulevard: Evidence-based Analysis of Tumor-Targeted Gene-Based & Immuno-Therapies Shine a Critical Spotlight on Long-Term Cancer-Free Survival

    A PERSPECTIVE prepared for Clinical and Translational Medicine.
    - target date: circa Dec 2019 / Jan 2020. (Open Access)

  2. Aveni Foundation (Alternatives for Cancer Patients): Sustainability within Reach

    As you know, Brody (my feline familiar), Monique (my beloved wife) and Konrad Ventana (my metaphorical persona) are delighted along with you—watching the new B4 Multiplex Transdermal TEST Balms shine in terms of clinical utility:

    We are delighted to be able to provide these Biochemical TEST Reagents to you and your foundation with compassionate love/charity, knowing (i) what financial burdens you still carry, and (ii) that such biological revelations are best developed with charitable good will, without the perverse, corrosive, and/or corrupting influences of making-medicines-for-profit (temple of medicine / house of prayer).

    Monique Hall
    Monique holding Brody, feline friend/familiar.
  3. Gimi-Shelter EcoPad 001, Monterey CA – another positive example of One.

    With winter coming on, and urgent matters on your end taking top priority, we (Brody, Monique, and Rick Hall) are wrapping up the work in Monterey for the season with a Stone Platform—A Proscenium Stage surrounded by Live Oaks—with a blessed feeling of real Third-Act-Gratitude (virtue & mercy triumphs). Hopefully, the “minimalist plans” I drafted while you were traveling on-mission were well received by our favorite architect in the Philippines. As you take your stellar healing mission to new levels of public awareness worldwide, may you always find the poise, grace, and comfort to bear these difficult things which you alone must carry forth in the cancer clinic (along with Dr. Sant Chawla et al.) and in the obstinate mundane world; may you personally shine in this dream of beauty and mission which heaven affirms each time we meet, break bread together, and are renewed in our caring for one of the greatest remaining medical difficulties with reverence, and in prayer.

    Stage is set for GIMI-Shelter EcoPad 001 prototype.
    “If you build it,” … stone by stone like a novel.

Thank you again Maria for realizing this luminous Dream of Beauty along with the likes of me, and for helping us both to find refuge in our solemn “Namaste-love” for each other within the harrowing context of modern medicine and our challenging postmodern life and times. Heaven only knows how much I/we love you (and yours) darling Maria… always and forever, beyond any measure,
Good Cheers, Rick (Dr. Frederick Lewis Hall)
aka Konrad Ventana et al.